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What is a dog date?  A unique dating site for people who have canine friends and are looking for love.   Dog-daters share an immediate and powerful connection, through the love of their four legged friends. This connection tears down barriers of getting to know someone. Meeting on a first date to walk your dogs quickly establishes if there is chemistry in an efficient and comfortable way.  If you click, you can plan a second date.  If there is no connection, you needed to walk your dog anyway and most likely met a friendly person and furry friend.  You have nothing to lose since it’s short and sweet and does not involve drinks or coffee, etc. as with a traditional first date.

Dog-Dates is not your typical dating site.  Most sites require completing lengthy profiles.  Filling in blanks with the goal of finding someone that has everything in common with you. This is an is exhausting approach used by most digital matchmaking sites and success rates are proven to be low.

Joining is simple.  Upload a brief summary of what sort of person you are looking for.  Then, a brief description of your dogs temperament, likes and dislikes.  Upload a photo of yourself and your dog.  Indicate which local dog parks and walks you like to take.   Through the magic of search, you will begin making your own matches.

We are not quite ready to launch but welcome your ideas.

In the meantime, here’s some food for thought: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/tasha-smith/online-dating-desperate-tactics-dont-work_b_1385856.html

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